Still stuck on the bygone methods of marketing and squandering your money on
marketing sites? Ever wondered how it would be to make your brand acknowledged
within a section of society that is really interested in investing in your product or how
it would be to get your brand among the top searches of popular search engines like

An amazing fact found was that search engines might perceive the brand authority
and inbound traffic in your site as a way to realize the importance, quality, and
popularity of the brand. So try marketing on social media platforms like Instagram at
a negligible cost to increase brand recognition. For this, obviously, you need
innumerable followers on Instagram. Oh, it would be much better if we get free
Instagram followers.

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This would not have been easy earlier, but now it’s a lot easier with the changed
algorithms of Instagram. The current algorithm allows the customer to go to the in-
depth history of the process of making followers. A question to be asked here is that
is this the only reason we want more followers on Instagram? Nah… I don’t think so.
Let’s face it, we become quite disheartened when we don’t get enough likes and
comments on our posts. We have a tendency to show ourselves as well-liked and
accepted people in society. The most sought-after option in such situations is to
purchase free Instagram followers and like a hack. It’s a common misconception that
such alternatives often lead to dangerous conclusions, but it is certainly not so.

How to increase your Instagram Followers?

So basically, companies and individuals, to sustain themselves in the competition
hire Instagram bot and Auto follower Instagram. Bots can be random people hired to
like and comment on others’ profiles to get a certain profile noticed. These bots
generally aim people with likes and comments which further drives them to follow the
company’s profile. The simple idea is to follow and get back free Instagram

The idea of bots seems practical and easy, but you should know the basic rules to
not get into any kind of trouble. The first thing to be kept in mind is that you cannot
have too many bots for one profile since Instagram only allows you to follow 75,000
users. Too many bots for one profile can get your profile permanently banned from
the social networking site. Hence it’s better to filter out the followers.
To increase Instagram followers, another proven way is to generate free Instagram

followers. Did you know the eminent online marketer, Neil Patel, told that he got 6.1
followers by just like 100 posts in 1 month? Ain’t that crazy? Social media scientist,
Dan Zarella analyzed that the dominance of light hues in a post attract users’
attention more than the posts that have dark colors as their base. So guys give us
one more tip to keep in mind while posting and liking posts to increase free
Instagram followers.

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How to Generate Free Instagram followers?

The one bewildering way that I found out was that if you follow and then unfollow a
celebrity 20-30 times back to back, you can increase ten followers in an hour!!! For
this strategy to work, you have to keep your profile public. Also, if you follow this
hack, it’s better to implement it by bots than manually. You will get more free
Instagram followers. You can also use iMacros to follow and unfollow automatically
for free.

A wise way of increasing free Instagram followers is to leave trails. That’s one way
in which you have to be percipient and brainy so as to leave the signs on the
required spaces. These signs will lead the users to your profile and eventually make
them follow you. Now, since we have discussed what a trail is, I would like to tell you
some of the Instagram hacks that could be used to leave trails effectively.
Since hashtags are the cliché ways of increasing free Instagram followers, we won’t
be focussing much on that. Make abundant use of CTAs (call to action) in your
posts. This even provokes the Ghost Followers to take a look at your post.

How to Increase your IG Followers Instantly?

The most commonly used way of increasing free Instagram followers is by signing up
an account on Social media marketing sites or by creating accounts on sites that are
engaged providing paid/unpaid Instagram followers. If you notice, there are sites
dealing with providing fake followers, and there are also sites that provide paid

The conditions generally apply accordingly. For example site names mr.insta deals
with both the kinds of followers-paid and unpaid.

In the category of free followers, the customer without requiring a password can
increase ten free Instagram followers in minutes without having to follow back any
follower. This runs for 24 hours.

In the category of a paid follower, the customer requires no survey and gains 15 free
Instagram followers per day in a few minutes. The customer is also provided with
24/7 support by the site. This plan is specific to mr.insta. Other sites may offer
different things to customers.

Hassle Free Processes Of Increasing Instagram Followers

Another way to increase Instagram followers is by installing apps specific to
generating followers instantly.

Real Followers 5000+ is an app available both on play store and app store.
Download the app on your phone. Open the app and type your Instagram username
and password.

Choose from bulk operation to generate likes and followers for free. Type the
number of followers you want and submit. The loophole in such apps is that they
generally provide less number of followers than the number that you have inserted.
For example, if you type 15000 followers, the app will provide you with only 600-
1000 free Instagram followers. Another thing to be noted here is that you are not
supposed to open your Instagram app while you are being provided with the follower.
The process is totally free.

I came across this Instagram page ‘ popugram.’ It’s just a page on Instagram, and it
doesn’t ask for any personal details from you. All you have to do is simply visit the
page and follow the instructions given in the bio.

The instructions are quite easy- follow popugram, follow the followers of popugram,
wait and then check your increase in followers, refresh your Instagram and unfollow
all the people you had followed and then again follow. Repeat the steps again and
again, and you can increase 100 more followers in a day. Amazing huh? Yeah, I

Final Words!

Something that you need to know is that however you can increase your followers by
apps, sites, etc., it is always better to increase your followers manually. You may
generate fake/ghost followers on Instagram, but they affect your business
engagement because these followers do not like or repost posts. They simply
increase the number of your followers.

A better way to increase your brand recognition is by generating real/organic
followers that are truly invested in your product. You can find thousands of ideas to
increase your following organically.

Saying so, I would also like to tell you that generating fake free Instagram followers
is definitely does not go waste. Seeing the number of followers on your profile,
sometimes organic followers too, take an in reviewing your profile and product. If
your profile is imaginative and creative enough, who knows, they might even follow
you. Thus generating fake followers might as well benefit you.